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Members of the public have been protecting the ancient forest in the Walbran Valley since this bridge was built more than 25 years ago… public vigilance continues and there is always a need for help from you.

“Bridge Over Troubled Walbran Creek” where many companies have been stopped from logging public forest land bordering the Carmanah/Walbran Provincial Park but not protected… Today The Teal-Jones Group plans to log more of this incredible wilderness.Candelabra Cedar or ‘Emerald Giant’ in the Walbran Valley.

Heli-Logging by The Teal-Jones Group enables the steepest and most sensitive areas of this ancient rainforest ecosystem to be cut down in patches targeting yellow cedar and other ancient trees… the debris left behind on both sides of the river result in waste that is often burnt on site.

The San Juan Sitka Spruce is the largest by girth tree of its species in Canada… the flag is 6 meters (18 ft) wide while the giant tree is slightly larger.Canada’s Gnarliest Cedar in Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew.Logged first in the 1950’s leaving behind the larger stumps and a second time last week!

February 18, 2015 this Canada Flag (6 meters or 18 feet wide) flew on top of the Peace Tower at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa the capital of Canada. Once this flag was taken down at the end of a single day it was mailed to a random citizen, in this case Filmmaker Richard Boyce. In recognition of Canada Day 2017 I took these photos in the wilderness of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

┬áRAINFOREST – The Limit of Splendour

Kwaxsistalla & Richard Boyce Best Mountain Culture Film Award
View from Canopy 60 meters (180 feet) up Ancient SItka Spruce
Aerial Garden growing 60 meters (180ft) above the forest floor
Ancient Sitka Spruce Thriving after being tapped for Medicinal Pitch by First Nations centuries in the past
Arial Garden growing 60 meters (180ft) above the forest floor in the canopy of an ancient Sitka Spruce tree
The 4 trunks of this single Western Red Cedar tree form a candelabra
Boyce climbing into the canopy where 4 trunks of this single Western Red Cedar tree form a candelabra
Boyce high up in the canopy overlooking logging in the Upper Klaskish Valley

Ancient forest liquidated by international investors, many exported as Raw Logs

Klaskish Inlet – Vancouver Island – British Columbia – Canada

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