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The Limit of Splendour

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All  proceeds toward protection of wilderness

Inspired by Kwaxsistalla, a Kwakwaka’wakw clan chief, the filmmaker embarks upon a cinematic journey contrasting tree-farms surrounding his home on Vancouver Island with ancient rainforest on the Pacific Coast of Canada.

A few years later filmmaker Richard Boyce returns to this ancient forest to see what has changed and how this publicly owned land is being managed by the BC Ministry of Forests and the licensed logging company LeMare Lake Logging. The comparison is extreme for East Creek, north of the Brooks Peninsula on the north-west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Journey into the Ancient Rainforest

Guided by passion and a determination to honour reality, Richard Boyce travels to the most remote corner of Vancouver Island, through some of the most intensive logging on the planet, into a wilderness that is on the brink of extinction. Massive trees, ranging in age between 1,200 years old and seedlings, thrive along the banks of an ancient river floodplain, which provides for diverse life forms in the temperate rainforest.  This film is an evocative journey, contrasting forestry as practiced for ten thousand years by First Nation’s people with modern logging.

The Mark Haslam Award

Toronto’s Annual Environmental Film Festival

“The selected work demonstrates the power to inspire reflection and positive action towards the social and ecological health of the planet.”

Best Mountain Culture Film Award

The Jury praised the film for “re-exposing our most critical environmental issue while at the same time pushing the cinematic experience and limits of storytelling, cinematography and editing.”

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