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Richard Boyce, MFA makes documentary films and videos focusing on social issues and the environment.

For more information visit: RichardBoyce.com

In October 2014 Boyce released the 78 minutes documentary ‘COASTAL TARSANDS – Journey to Deleted Islands.’ which he directed, produced, photographed and edited. This film takes a first-hand look at the coast, its natural features, the weather, the currents, the wildlife, and the people who live precisely where hundreds of supertankers loaded with millions of barrels of Alberta Tarsands will navigate if the Enbridge Corporation builds the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Rainforest Background

Few people know that Canada has one of the most lush rainforests on the planet. Vancouver Island has always been my home. My passion for ancient trees inspired me to climb high up into the canopy to document the biodiversity of this incredible ecosystem on the brink of extinction.

The time I’ve spent in the ancient rainforest of Vancouver Island has opened my eyes to a world that is completely engaging and awe-inspiring. The word Rainforest evokes images of the Amazon jungle, which is completely different from the Temperate Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.  Both are unique and rich in biodiversity. My passion for the ancient forest where I grew up, inspired me to learn to climb up into the canopy of giant trees to document aerial gardens where biologists continue to discover hundreds of new species unique to this environment. We have a lot to learn and little time to preserve what remains of a forest that sustained a flourishing civilization for 10,000 years. I hope to share my passion for the rainforest with you, because the rainforest is very much connected to the planet we depend upon.

Filmmaker’s Background

Producer/Director Richard Boyce has lived on Vancouver Island most of his life. He has shot documentaries for 20 years. His debut as cinematographer and co-director was on the award-winning feature theatrical success: “The Street – a film with the homeless” (1997) with producer/director Daniel Cross. As a Cinematographer Boyce engages his subjects from the heart while working in extreme conditions from the icy streets of Montreal to the heat of the Sahara Desert, across the USA and Canada, to the wild and wet climate of the Pacific Coast deep within the ancient rainforest of Vancouver Island. Boyce provokes social and environmental change by engaging a cross-section of media including film, video, and the internet, most notable as the Victoria Outreach Worker for the award winning website HOMELESS NATION  With a MFA in Film Production Boyce founded ISLAND BOUND MEDIA in 2000 on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. His passion for the rainforest lead him to undertake a course provided by Forestry Renewal BC and he was certified as a Woodlands Manager in 2001. This knowledge combined with his participation in the struggle to protect Cathedral Grove when it was threatened by a government-planned parking lot, provided him with the basis for a newspaper column ‘Island Lens’ which was published in the Parksville-Qualicum News for 5 years.

Released at the Vancouver International Film Festival in October 2011 “RAINFOREST – The Limit of Splendour” was honoured with the 2012 Mark Haslam Award at Toronto’s ‘Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival’ for “giving voice to individuals, communities, struggles or stories that are under-represented in the media and is made by a filmmaker who is a member or participant in that community, struggle or story. The selected work demonstrates the power to inspire reflection and positive action towards the social and ecological health of the planet.” Winner of the 2011 Best Mountain Culture Award at the Whistler Film Festival where the jury praised the film for: “re-exposing our most critical environmental issue while at the same time pushing the cinematic experience and limits of storytelling, cinematography and editing.”

Currently Boyce continues to collaboration with  Kwaxsistalla, Chief Adam Dick on a film project entitled: ‘Singing Through the Seasons’ focusing on the traditional harvesting practices of the Kwakwaka’wakw people. Boyce is Director of Photography and Producer on this project by Director/Producer Kim Recalma-Clutesi.

Richard & Chris take a nap in the canopy while shooting ‘RAINFOREST’
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